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Presidential Rural Development Programmes

  • Access to safe and clean water. The project targets to drill boreholes at every village and school in Zimbabwe. The expected total number of boreholes for villages is 35 000 and 9 600 for schools. This will be achieved by year 2025. Provision of water will enhance food productivity which, in turn, promotes rural industrialisation.
  • Poverty alleviation and eradication programme.
  • Food security and import substitution expansion of irrigation infrastructure.
  • Provision of farming inputs under the Presidential Input Scheme, Command Agriculture and Pfumvudza/Intwasa productivity.
  • Tomato/Fruit processing factory in Mutoko.
  • Mwenezi Amarula Factory.
  • Cashel Valley Sawmill.
  • The Presidential Rural Goat Pass-On Scheme is already being implemented.
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