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Campaign Scope

Campaign Scope

Scope of Campaign Activities

The mainstay of this campaign is door-to-door intimate voter contact.  This allows the Volunteer to move from house-to-house and workplace-to workplace, talking to individual voters one at a time.  This, in turn, enables the Volunteer to know the problems voters face, gauge their level of support for Party and Candidate, and tailor massages and campaign activities to address their concerns.  These visits must not be once-off but must become regular to help the Party to dominate and saturate the environment while denying the same to opponents.

Once the Party has access to the Voters Roll, preferably broken down to constituencies and even to Polling Stations, Volunteers must keep in touch with registered voters through texting and phoning.  This must be done almost intrusively, as a way of maintaining intimacy.  Volunteers should be in the habit of checking on the health and well-being of voters as a way of showing the Party’s and Candidate’s concern.  This can also be used for reminding voters of important election-related events and issues, while also keeping them up to date on key developments.

Volunteers must be available to furnish voters with the Party’s and Candidate’s campaign literature in their homes and workspaces.  This will be done door-to-door or at community gatherings. Literature will also be distributed at markets, bus termini or shops, thus helping to expand the campaign to voters outside the Volunteer’s immediate area of responsibility.

Volunteers will administer voter education to contacts and assist those who are undocumented or aliens to acquire national registration documents and to register to vote.  These interventions, which are already taking place in all constituencies nationwide, should result in a significant surge in registered voters who attribute that achievement to President ED and ZANU PF. Volunteers must maintain contact with people they would have assisted to register to vote or to acquire national documents so that they are not won over to the opposition’s poisonous narratives.

Volunteers will initiate programmes where contacts are invited to enlist their friends into networks of voters such as WhatsApp Groups, teas, social clubs and interest groups, where contacts are encouraged to spread the campaign message to their friends and bring these into the fold.  This will enable the campaign to grow in a snowball effect.

Volunteers, either individually or by coming together as a team, will engage, befriend and maintain contact with these community leaders, influencers and opinion leaders as a way of authoritatively gaining, through them, the support of their followers for the Party and Candidate.

Volunteers will participate in sporting, religious, political and cultural events within the Constituency and use the opportunity to learn about the community and influence individuals to support the Party and Candidate.  They will also do the same with small but highly publicised practical social interventions, such as helping the sick, attending funerals and mitigating property losses due to fire or weather damage.

. FAZ Volunteers are required to intrusively access Party cell registers, from Party Cell Chairmen, and check and verify their accuracy and integrity.  To this end, FAZ then discretely conducts a head count of cell members, checking if they are registered to vote.  If any Party members or holders of positions of leadership are found not to have national documents or registered to vote, FAZ, therefore, will handhold and assist all those to rectify the discrepancy under supervision. 

FAZ has inbuilt structures and skills to engage in dedicated media activity, content generation, Web activity and cyber warfare focused on the Party’s and Candidate’s campaign.  Constituency Teams may request coverage for their activities whenever necessary.

Four times monthly, on Sundays, the Constituency Team is required to come together and host public events at Growth Points and other population centres in the Constituencies, during which people are entertained with music and movies.  These shows are then interrupted at intervals to address these audiences, imparting the Party’s campaign message.

FAZ Volunteers, either individually or in groups, must never engage in political violence, except in self-defence for purposes of extricating themselves from an attack if one is foisted upon them.  They, accordingly, must not offer themselves to be used as such or to accept instructions from any authority to engage in violence for whatever reason.   It is not in FAZ’, the Party’s or the President’s pedigree, plan, interest or desire to use violence as a campaign tool. Any FAZ member who engages in acts of politically motivated violence, other than for purposes of self-defence under strictly exceptional circumstances, will be automatically expelled and deregistered from the Trust.

Essential Elements of the Party's 2023 Campaign Message

The 2023 election campaign message of the Party, the Candidate, FAZ and all other affiliates involved in the campaign must seek to marshal and recast all energies and efforts towards restoring the people’s hope, confidence and trust in ZANU PF’s continued governance of the nation.  ZANU PF must crowd out the opposition’s negative narratives and saturate the campaign battlespace with its own positive message, in the process effectively winning the ‘hearts and minds’ of the electorate.

This entails the Party, FAZ, all Volunteers, affiliates and other stakeholders working to a single purpose, speaking with one voice and reading from a single template.  This must be a case of a single message projected through multiple voices and means.  As FAZ, we are one such voice.

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Themes of the 2023 Campaign Message:

The campaign message must promote the Party’s Democratic Market Socialist Ideology, which is also referred to as Socialism with Zimbabwean Characteristics or Gwara reGutsaruzhinji, and educate the electorate on Party Affairs and national history.  This helps to inculcate a sense of national pride, belonging, duty and patriotism amongst them.

Package, polish and present the Candidate as the person to vote for to lead Zimbabwe towards Vision 2030.

Promote the virtues of sacrifice, hard honest work, duty, loyalty, unity of purpose, patriotism and discipline which underpinned the Liberation Struggle.

Showcase the achievements of the First Republic as the incremental foundation stones and the launchpad of the Second Republic.

Showcase the achievements and successes of the Party and New Dispensation under the able leadership of President ED Mnangagwa. All voices, including FAZ Volunteers, must be able to speak eloquently and convincingly to various audiences about Vision 2030, the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP), National Development Strategy (NDS) 1, Heritage Based Education 5.0, the ongoing Research-driven Innovation Drive and Industrialisation, Rural Industrialisation, Foreign Direct Investment Influx, climate proofing of agriculture, Pfumvudza, the ongoing infrastructure projects, mining, tourism and what an Upper Middle Income Society and improved livelihoods envisioned to be achieved by 2030 will mean for the man and woman on the street.

Speak against such pervasive social ills afflicting society as drug abuse, child marriages, corruption, rent-seeking behaviour, economic sabotage, treasonous behaviour, anarchic political behaviour, same-sex relationships, vandalization of critical enabling infrastructure, violent crime, the brain-drain and environmental degradation, all of which are inimical to national development and the attainment of Vision 2030.       The Party’s campaign must ideally attribute these to bad parenting and upbringing, as well as loss of cultural identity resulting from foreign intrusions into our social fabric, while calling upon Government and all responsible political Parties, Churches, Traditional Leaders, educational authorities and parents to play their part in reversing this decadence.

FAZ Volunteers, the Party and Candidate, in their manner, campaign actions and messaging, must demonstrate care and sensitivity to the plight, needs and aspirations of the people.

The message must seek to thoroughly discredit the opposition and its candidate, rendering them unelectable. This includes anything that makes their candidate stink to the heavens, and speaking against their party’s anarchic, subversive, treasonous, undemocratic and terrorist pedigree and related actions.

The message must inculcate the idea of protracted struggle in the electorate’s mindset, wherein the achievements of the Liberation Struggle, the First Republic and the Second Republic are cast as incremental steps towards a gloriously prosperous future.

The message must be based on facts.  The Party, the Candidate and all elements of the ZANU PF campaign must avoid empty talk, rumour, gossip and making promises to the electorate that the Party has neither the intention nor capacity to keep.

This entails producing special campaign jingles, songs, documentaries, audios and short video skits.

Volunteers are required to make every effort to study the above themes, understand each topic and be able to impart same to various audiences. Some of these materials will be accessible on the FAZ website, which is still under construction, once it is up and running.  FAZ Headquarters will also upload some more reading materials, videos and audio files to the Volunteers’ tablets once distributed and activated.

Code of Conduct for FAZ Members

The following is our Code of Conduct:

1. All FAZ members shall observe sound protocol, and respect elders and the hierarchy of authority.

2. We shall be exemplary, disciplined and always caring in our behaviour.

3. We shall be hardworking and diligent, driven by our unparalleled sense of self-sacrifice, belonging and patriotism.

4. As ambassadors of ZANU PF and its Candidate, President ED Mnangagwa, we shall not do anything that may bring them into disrepute.

5. We do not and shall not claim to have any other identity than that we are members of FAZ Trust, a private organisation, which is an affiliate of ZANU PF.

6. We are, as individuals, proudly members of ZANU PF and are unapologetic about this reality.

7.We shall safeguard and avoid damage or loss of Trust property allocated to us.

8. For purposes of personal and group security, we shall avoid moving at night and walking alone in secluded poorly lit places during our work. All FAZ work must be done and concluded so that members are back in their homes by 1800 hours each day, except where night events are organised by the Constituency Team as a group.

9. Drunkenness and drug abuse are strictly forbidden and punishable by withdrawal of membership.

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