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Become a volunteer

Our Membership and Volunteer Selection Criteria

The following is the criteria for membership of FAZ and, by extension, for one to qualify as a Volunteer for campaigning for ZANU PF in any election:

One must be a Zimbabwean citizen and a card-carrying fully paid-up member of the Party.

One must be knowledgeable about Party affairs, keen to learn and capable of imparting such knowledge confidently to voters.

Good communication skills and fluency in the language spoken by the electorate in the constituency of deployment.

Political literacy and correctness.

Sound discipline, humility, loyalty to the Party, respect for elders and for the hierarchy of authority.

Must be a Team player.

Must have attained voting age, 18 years and above, and registered to vote.

For one to qualify as a Volunteer in any campaign including for the 2023 Harmonised Elections, in addition to the above criteria for general membership, one must not be a holder of any leadership position in the Party above District Level; must be a resident of the constituency from which he is recruited and to which he is to be deployed serve; and must be prepared to dedicate a minimum of 80% of his time to the campaign.


Duties and Responsibilities of FAZ Campaign Volunteers

The following shall be the duties and responsibilities of FAZ Volunteers who are selected and deployed to participate in the 2023 Harmonised Election Campaign for ZANU PF and its candidates:

Infusion into Voter Communities.

While, by design, Volunteers have been deployed in the communities from where they were recruited, it is paramount that every one of them must consciously and deliberately immerse yourselves within these communities and be seen and accepted as belonging there.  It is also important that they begin to see their communities as voter communities.

Establish Rapport with Voters.

Each Volunteer must gain the trust of voters by endearing himself/herself to them. They must present themselves as caring, trustworthy, friendly, truthful, compassionate and reliable as ambassadors of the Party and Cde ED Mnangagwa, its Candidate.

Create and Keep Database of Contacts & Activities.      

Each Volunteer must keep a record of his contacts and activities, as a crucial measure of his/her progress and effectiveness. FAZ will give them the tools for this purpose.

Spending Adequate Time with Voters.        

Volunteers must regularly spend time with voters, to learn more about them, identify their aspirations, needs, challenges, expectations and attitudes and report upwards accordingly for these to be addressed.

Serve as Message Conduits for Party and Candidate.     

Volunteers should be available to disseminate valuable Party campaign information to voters, including those outside their contacts.  This information can be in the form of fliers, word-of-mouth, literature, music, videos, documentaries, banners, skits, jingles, songs and other handouts or displays.

Be the ‘Eyes and Ears’ of the Party and Candidate

The Volunteers shall assess the situation, including Party and opposition activities, in the Constituency in which they are deployed and submit reports to the FAZ Headquarters. This information will then form the basis for targeted campaign strategies. They must also intrusively monitor distribution of Party regalia, Presidential agricultural inputs, drought relief and proceeds of other Government and Party mitigatory programmes to prevent favouritism, unfair distribution, corruption, theft and hoarding by officials.

Coordination of the Voting Process.

On Voting Day, Volunteers shall constitute the nucleus of Party Polling Station Agents, establish and man Party Tables just outside the permissible legal limit for Party symbols at Polling Stations, carry out Get-Out-the-Vote interventions, including transporting voters from their homes to Polling Stations, capture and submit to FAZ Headquarters V11 Forms as they are posted outside the Polling Stations at the end of vote counting; and ensuring that their contacts cast their votes.

Shaping the Environment for Party and Candidate.                     

Volunteers must institute measures to shape and create a favourable environment by mobilising support ahead of the Presidential Candidate’s visits and other mass activities of the Party in their constituencies.

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Membership and Volunteer selection is strictly a prerogative of FAZ Trust. FAZ, therefore, has no obligation to involve Party structures and sitting Senators, Members of the House of Assembly or Councillors in such selection.